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PetroChina Qingyang Petrochemical Company


founded in 1971, petrochina qingyang petrochemical co., ltd. is a direct subsidiary of china national petroleum corporation. it is located in xifeng district, qingyang city, gansu province. it is a petrochemical production enterprise mainly engaged in petroleum refining, with a total area of 1,000. more than acre. the processing capacity is 3 million tons/year, the secondary processing capacity is 1.6 million tons/year, and there are 15 sets of main refining and chemical production facilities. the public system and logistics support system are perfect, with a total investment of nearly 5 billion yuan and 1,493 registered employees. as of 2013, taxes paid accounted for more than 15% of qingyang's fiscal revenue, and it is known as “liaoyuan pearl” and plays an important role in local economic construction. petrochina qingyang petrochemical company mainly focuses on petroleum refining, petroleum auxiliaries and petrochemicals. the main products are 90#, 93#, 97#national iii gasoline, aviation kerosene, 0#, -10#, -20# iii diesel, petroleum liquefied gas, polypropylene, mtbe, benzene, propylene, propane, sulfur, etc.


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