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Mechanical Diaphragm Metering Pump
The motor drives the worm gear pair, and the eccentric mechanism converts the motor's rotary motion into the reciprocating motion of the sliding rod. The reciprocating sliding rod directly pushes the mechanical diaphragm to deform periodically to realize the suction and discharge of the medium.


◆ excellent double diaphragm design. the laminated diaphragm structure makes the diaphragm evenly stressed and durable.

◆ double diaphragm of ptfe material has excellent anti-corrosion performance and anti-permeability.

og真人网站◆ diaphragm condition monitoring system can output signals when the diaphragm is damaged, and can continue to work until the diaphragm is replaced or the pump is stopped directly without pollution to the metering medium;

og真人网站◆ accurate eccentric structure design, with cam and spring eccentric mechanism and integral sleeve adjustable eccentric transmission mechanism;

◆ the static seal of the fluid end diaphragm replaces the dynamic seal of the plunger, so that there can be no leakage of the conveying medium;

◆ the sliding rod directly drives the diaphragm to move instead of using hydraulic pressure to drive the diaphragm for reciprocating periodic movement, so the structure of the mechanical diaphragm pump is simpler and easier to maintain;

og真人网站◆ patented mechanical diaphragm design to ensure stable flow output.

◆ whether it is stopped or running, the smooth and stable output flow can be adjusted steplessly through the fine adjustment knob.

◆ there is no safety relief device, it is recommended to install a safety valve on the outlet pipe of the pump.


application range

og真人网站widely used in environmental protection, pharmaceutical, papermaking, sewage treatment and urban water supply, cement grinding aids and other industries.



og真人网站mechanical diaphragm pump dpmfxwa main performance parameters

◆ the maximum flow can reach 450l / h;

og真人网站◆ maximum pressure can reach 1.2mpa;

◆ conveying temperature: pvc≤40 ℃, ptfe≤80 ℃;

og真人网站◆ adjustment range when running or stopping: 0 ~ 100%;

og真人网站◆ suction up to 4m;

◆ the stroke adjustment of the eccentric wheel mechanism makes the pulse minimum;

◆ optional, variable frequency adjustment or manual stroke adjustment

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